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Captain Cook's Second Voyage

Created: 18.12.12

In 1772, Captain Cook embarked on his second voyage of exploration, with two ships, the ‘Resolution’ and ‘Adventure’. Despite the success of his first voyage, large parts of the southern ocean remained to be charted, and he proposed circumnavigating the globe from west to east to search for further lands. His voyage took in two cruises at the edge of the Antarctic ice, time in New Zealand, the Society Islands, Tonga and Easter Island, as well as discovering New Caledonia and the South Sandwich Islands. Due to disagreements over accommodation, the naturalist Joseph Banks, who had accompanied the first voyage, pulled out of the second at the last minute. But, Cook was joined by two astronomers appointed by the Board of Longitude, William Wales and William Bayly, to trial chronometers made by Larcum Kendall and John Arnold. The Admiralty also appointed the artist William Hodges to make paintings and drawings recording the voyage.

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