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Created: 23.02.17

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  • Unknown
    February 1843
    A Man of Colour, and a Native of Jamaica

    This broadside tells the life story of Samuel Sharpe, which he sold to fund his passage to Jamaica. It includes graphic detail of his experiences as a slave and his conversion to Christianity. At the top of the page is…

  • Unknown
    circa 1834-1838
    'An Interior View of a Jamaica House of Correction'

    Engraving entitled 'An Interior View of A Jamaica House of Correction' with text below: 'The Whipping of Females, you were informed by me, officially, was in practice, and I called upon you to make enactments to put an end to…

  • S., J.
    1 October 1800
    Johnny New-come in the Island of Jamaica

    Hand-coloured engraving, with twenty-one frames depicting a tale of 'Johnny New-come in the Island of Jamaica'. The captions read as follows (from top-left): (1) 'Johnny Newcome.' (2) 'Damns all Musquetoes, and calls for Sangaree.' (3) 'Feels his Pulse and trembles.'…

  • Unknown
    Official badge of  HMS Jamaica

    Badge. HMS Jamaica 1940. Depiction of fruit (pineapple). Official design. Naval crown. Pentagonal shape. Pattern approved circa 1937. No bolt holes for attachment to vessel. Motto suspended below badge by 2 chains.

  • Unknown
    circa 1890
    Slavery in Zanzibar

    This extraordinary lantern slide is inscribed: ‘An Arab master’s punishment for a slight offence. The log weighed 32 pounds, and the boy could only move by carrying it on his head. An actual photograph taken by one of our missionaries.’.…

  • Collyer, Joseph
    Abolition of the Slave Trade

    An engraving designed and dedicated to Prince William, Duke of Gloucester with the caption, ‘Britannia trampling on the emblems of slavery, holding a banner declaring the abolition and attending to the voice of justice and religion’. On the left, the…