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Created: 17.07.13

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  • Unknown
    Lucky Toy Pig

    The musical pig belonged to Edith Rosenbaum (1879–1975), who boarded the TITANIC at Cherbourg. In August 1911, Edith had been seriously injured in a road traffic accident, which claimed the life of the driver, a German merchant named Mr Lewe;…

  • Baker, Georgina Shaw
    Mid 20th century

    Oil painting of a white cat with brown patches and green eyes. It is shown lying on a round wooden table partly covered by a Royal Naval white ensign. The 'Exeter', with HMS 'Ajax' and 'Achilles' was one of the…

  • Unknown
    Late 19th century
    Animal figurine

    A carved wooden sperm whale probably made by a seaman. The figure is inlaid with a bone blow hole and harpoon with an attached rope carved into the surface of the wood. A small wooden shield is inlaid on the…

  • Gilpin, Sawrey
    2 March 1795
    'Horse starting'

    'Horse starting' after Sawrey Gilpin. Gilpin was one of the most respected animal painters of his day, second only to his rival George Stubbs. This print shows a horse on rocky terrain being startled (or starting) at the sight of…

  • Francis Frith & Co
    circa 1906
    Pack donkeys, Bucks Mills, Devon

    Bucks Mills had a small herring fishery to complement the larger one to the west at Clovelly. Small fishing boats can be seen to the left of the boys in this photograph. Donkeys were used as pack animals, bringing material…

  • Anonymous
    circa 1600
    [Western Mediterranean]

    Bound sheet. Col. ms. Medium: Vellum. Scale: [ca. 1:4 000 000 (lat)]. Contents Note: Iconography: winds; cities and flags; shields; animals and trees. Bound in an atlas of six charts. French, highly decorated, unsigned and undated.

  • Streatfeild, Reverend Thomas
    circa 1820
    Study of a donkey

    A study of a donkey, from an album of drawings and watercolours (PAI4289) formerly owned, and possibly made, by the renowned antiquarian of Kent and churchman the Rev. Thomas Streatfeild (1777-1848). The album is inscribed on the frontispiece by a…

  • Hellyer & Son
    HMS Bulldog

    Polychrome-painted (restored) figurehead of HMS 'Bulldog', a wooden paddle sloop of 1124 tons, built at Chatham Dockyard in 1844-45. The figurehead represents a full-length leaping bulldog with a shield on the underside bearing the Union flag. The words 'CAVE CANEM'…

  • Westall, Richard
    circa 1809

    In 1773 Horatio Nelson served as a midshipman in the 'Carcass', Captain Skeffington Lutwidge, which sailed under Captain Constantine Phipps in the 'Racehorse' on a Polar expedition to try to find a north-east passage to the Pacific. These two strongly…

  • Unknown
    After 1930
    Stall crest

    Stall crest of the Order of the Bath belonging to Admiral Sir William Edmund Goodenough (1867-1945) who was promoted Knight Grand Cross of the Order in 1930. He would have been entitled to display his banner and crest above a…

  • Barrow, J.
    14 June 1782
    The British Lion engaging Four Powers

    In this print, France, portrayed as a cockerel, is condemned for intervening in the war on the American side in 1778. Spain and Holland, represented by dogs, are also criticized for exploiting the rebellion of the treacherous American serpent to…

  • Woodward, George Murgatroyd
    A Seaman's Wife's Reckoning (caricature)

    Hand-coloured.; Page No.275.

  • Vriens, A.
    Medal commemorating the Oslo - Ostend Race, 1960

    Medal commemorating the Oslo - Ostend Race, 1960. Obverse: A mermaid seated on a dolphin (left). Legend: 'OSLO - OSTEND . VII - MCMLX.' Reverse: Port-bow view of a barquentine under full sail. Legend: 'MERCATOR.'

  • Cappelle, Jan van de
    Two Vessels by the Shore at Day Break

    Cappelle was a wealthy Amsterdam dyer who became a marine and landscape painter by teaching himself to paint during his spare time. His paintings usually show calm rivers or seas, a limpid quality of light, and a delicate sense of…

  • Itsekri People
    Before 1894
    Itsekiri Flag

    The personal flag of Itsekiri chief Nana Olomu (1852-1916). The background of the design is yellow, with a printed Union Flag inserted (upside down) in the canton. Near the top edge is the name 'NANNA' in dark blue letters, below,…

  • Unknown
    Punch and Judy puppet: the crocodile

    A puppet crocodile, part of a Punch and Judy set belonging to puppeteer Peter Butchard (1909-2009). The puppet has a painted wooden head, with hinged jaws and a gap to form a throat. There are staples to attach a tongue,…

  • Union Castle Line
    20th century
    Union Castle Line seasonal menu cards

    Four blank menu cards for Christmas and New Year meals (two of each). The Christmas menu cards shows a drawing of a turkey wearing a party hat while holding a glass of champagne with four pink elephants walking in a…

  • Unknown
    An Adélie Penguin and his Mate

    No 20. from Players cigarette cards, second series of 25, 'Polar Exploration'. The front shows two birds captioned: 'Player's Cigarettes AN ADÉLIE PENGUIN & HIS MATE'. Reverse: 'An Adélie Penguin and his Mate. These extraordinary little birds are about 18…

  • Unknown
    circa 1935
    Horseback deck game

    Deck game. A horse and jockey on a metal stand. Part of a horse racing deck game from the Furness Withy Line comprising of eight horses and jockeys on metal stands with round or square bases. See records AAB0061-2 and…

  • Unknown
    HMS Seringapatam [Tipu Sultan?]

    Figurehead of HMS 'Seringapatam' a 46-gun fifth-rate (frigate) built for the Navy in India, at Bombay Dockyard, in 1819. It became a receiving ship in 1847 and in 1852 a coal hulk at the Cape of Good Hope, where it…

  • Unknown
    circa 1951
    House flag, Australind Steam Shipping Co. Ltd

    The house flag of Australind Steam Shipping Co. Ltd (Trinder Anderson & Co.), London. On a blue background, there is a yellow cross. In the centre on a yellow disc, a black swan is shown. The flag is made of…

  • Unknown
    circa 1989
    'Humphrey' teddy bear mascot

    Teddy bear mascot called 'Humphrey' carried on the racing-yacht 'Maiden' during the 1989-90 Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. It belonged to skipper Tracy Edwards b.1962. The toy is made of brown fur fabric, it has lost its legs, the…