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Re·Think: Environment

Created: 25.11.14

RE•THINK: Environment – Why do we worry about the weather? How has the weather affected an event in your life? Has the weather changed in your lifetime? RE•THINK will be asking visitors these questions and revealing the hidden environmental stories within the Museum’s collection.

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  • George Kent Ltd
    circa 1926
    Tide Recording Gauge

    Tide recording gauge consisting of a vertical bronze recording drum with feed and take-up spools for a roll type paper chart. The mechanism is powered by an 8 day mechanical clockwork movement through a set of bevel and standard gears.…

  • R. W. Munro Ltd

    Cast metal housing, carrying a cylindrical stem to which three cups are attached. A two-wire electrial cable exits from the housing. In a stained pin box.

  • Casella
    Sunshine recorder

    Sunshine recorder with lense and 2 record cards. On the base is inscribed "CASELLA LONDON 284/48". Used at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux.

  • Unknown
    circa 1900
    Aneroid barometer

    Aneroid barometer Brass case. White enamel dial. Marked in inches and with weather indications. Moveable setting needle. Scale only round the outside of the "face". Centre open so that vacuum chamber etc. is visible. The case has two small brass…

  • Unknown
    Counter commemorating HMS 'Calliope' and Captain H C Kane

    Counter commemorating HMS 'Calliope' and Captain H.C. Kane. Obverse: Legend and inscription: 'BRITISH SEAMANSHIP AND CAPTAIN H. C. KANE OF H. M. S. CALLIOPE FROM AN ADMIRER THE MARQUIS DE LEUVILLE'. (Captain Kane got his ship out to sea in…

  • Goldner, Stephen
    Soup canister

    A relic of Sir John Franklin's last expedition 1845-48. Three cut-down soup tins used as beakers (one may be a billy can). They were probably found in an Inuit cache at Cape Maria Louisa by the Schwatka Search Expedition 1878-79.